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14 Jul CARBON SYSTEM anti-age peeling
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News! CARBON SYSTEM anti-age peeling with activated carbonNatural peeling agents:ferolic acidmandelic acidlactic acidantioxidant components: black ginseng andlicorice extracts.The carbon contained in ..
29 Apr New - diagnostics with a skin ultrasonography
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In recent years, ultrasound scanning has become an important diagnostic tool in dermatology. It is easy to use, the procedure is completely safe and provides important diagnostic information.For the i..
26 Apr Botulinum toxin injections
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Botulinum toxin injections are the most popular injection method in aesthetic medicine. These injections are mainly marked by the ability to reduce the appearance of facial wrinkles. Botulinum toxin r..
13 Apr High-quality food supplements NORSAN and NatuGena
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In practice, it is possible to buy Norwegian & German manufacturers NORSAN Omega-3 and NauGena vitamin D3 - high-quality food supplements to strengthen health. Food and Veterinary Service registration..
07 Dec Gift card
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Give health and beauty to special people in your life!Gift cards are available in any denomination and ensure the use of our services - dermatology, aesthetic medicine & preventive medicine.Gift cards..
14 May Combined Hyaluronic acid and IPRF method
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It is often so difficult to choose which facial quality rejuvenating procedure is the best and most suitable for my face skin problem. And here will be the answer and solution!If we talked about skin ..
01 Feb Mesotherapy – for improvement of the skin quality
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If you did not know this before, this is a brief summary about what mesotherapy is and how it can change the quality of your skin and even your life. This is injection of biologically active substan..
01 Feb Biorevitalisation for deep skin moisturising
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High concentration of hyaluronic acid in combination with calcium microspheres for strong cellular stimulationThe active substance is injected into the deeper layers of the skin by injectionMoisturize..
01 Feb Chemical peelings DERMACEUTIC
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Dermopeelings from ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic combine high-action acids and retinol, a product to combat the signs of aging on the facial skin: smooth out fine lines, improve facial contours, strength..
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