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01 Feb Mesotherapy – for improvement of the skin quality
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If you did not know this before, this is a brief summary about what mesotherapy is and how it can change the quality of your skin and even your life. This is injection of biologically active substan..
01 Feb Biorevitalisation for deep skin moisturising
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High concentration of hyaluronic acid in combination with calcium microspheres for strong cellular stimulationThe active substance is injected into the deeper layers of the skin by injectionMoisturize..
01 Feb Chemical exfoliators with retinol
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Dermopeelings from ATACHE Scientific Cosmetic combine high-action acids and retinol, a product to combat the signs of aging on the facial skin: smooth out fine lines, improve facial contours, strength..
01 Feb IPRF – thrombocyte enriched fibrin injections
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What kind of treatment is this? And how does the treatment take place?By means of thrombocyte enriched injections, plasma enriched with cell growth factors and stem cells is injected in your skin. Pla..
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