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Accessibility of environment

Practice is located on the first floor of a residential building. The practice work organization for patient admission is organized by prior appointment. At the entrance to the building there are steps with a total level difference of 250 mm. A mobile 1500 mm long and 750 mm wide ramp is intended to overcome the level difference. There is a call button at the entrance to open the door. Access to the doctor's practice is free of level changes or other obstacles. The medical institution provides movement without level changes and other obstacles in the waiting room, administration room, doctor's office and facilities room.

The association "Apeirons" believes that the availability of the environment in the premises is ensured. Deviations from LBN 208-15 in this case do not exclude the possibility for a person with visual and mobility impairments to make full use of the premises and receive services (opinion in Riga, 10.01.2019).

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