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Fatty Acid Analysis

  • Tested and documented analysis method with high stability of the analysis values (approximate erythrocyte values)
  • Runs at the leading European independent laboratory for fatty acid analysis.
  • Detailed findings as a basis for medical nutrition advice
  • Simple blood sampling by finger berry.

The individual requirements for Omega-3 can be verified by the self-test for the analysis of the fatty acid and omega profile (Norsan analysis). With a few drops of blood from the finger, your fatty acid profile is analyzed and you get, among other things, information about:

Omega-3 Index: Indicates the proportion of Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA relative to total fatty acids. Norsan recommends a share of over 8%.

Omega-6/3 Ratio: Indicates the relationship between omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids, which play a decisive role in inflammation formation and inhibition. An omega-6/3 ratio (omega-3 ratio) which is too high leads to an undesirably high level of inflammation in the body.

Trans fat content: trans fats are lipids that are not naturally present in the body. Trans fats harm the cells. The trans fat content should be low. It is recommended that industrial trans fats account for less than 0.50% of total fatty acids.

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