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Calcium hydroxyapatite fillers

The younger the face, the more tones the skin and the clearer the contour, the face is symmetrical and of a V-shaped form.

As good as your genes may be, all the skin types eventually lose their tone. Proportions change and the volume deteriorates. Cheeks are sliding down, the chin is no longer that tight and the face become broader in the lower part. In the result the youth “V” gets reversed and our age become increasingly visible irrespective of how young we may feel.

Quite often treatment of individual wrinkles is not enough for restoring a young and fresh look. In order to fight the gravitation impact and to regain a younger facial oval, the face needs true volume. This can be achieved by means of a skin filling substance which also stimulates production of the natural collagen in the skin, thus ensuring effective and long-term volume.

Scientific research provide a solution now. Radiesse is a clinically tested skin filler with dual effect. When it is injected into the skin, the filler immediately smoothes any existing wrinkles, stimulate production of new collagen, helps the skin to rejuvenate itself. This is what we refer to as the “V effect”.

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