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Allergan – a leading pharmaceutical company in the area of aesthetic medicine worldwide offers high quality, effective, tested and safe products.

Since 2013 the company Allergan has been offering the modern generation hialuronic acid fillers that can be widely used for both elimination of fine wrinkles and modelling the face oval and the lips form also in Latvia.
The new VYCROSSTM patented technology presents the combination of the hialuronic acid of a low and high molecular mass with cross links, in the result of which the injected hialuronic acid gel integrates with tissues in a uniform manner by providing maximum naturally beautiful, smooth and long-term result.
At present 4 products of JUVEDERM® VYCROSSTM technology are offered:

JUVEDERM® Volbella® - for smoothing superficial wrinkles – for correction of the perioral area (lips, the upper lip, marionettes) and also the periorbital (eye) area

Effect term – 12 months


For smoothing medium deep and deep lines and wrinkles, enhancing the lip volume, raising the eyebrow line with a natural skin lifting effect.
Effect term - 15 months

JUVEDERM® Voluma - for strengthening the facial oval and contour and restoring the volume

Particularly recommended - 8- points lifting method/ scheme for restoring the facial oval – you will benefit from a naturally beautiful and long-term result.

Effect term – 24 months (approved by the USA FDA)

In order to achieve the best result for the client, the above listed products may be combined.

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