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Neauvia Organic hialuronic acid filler substance – the achievement of the most recent science and medicine technologies.

Important facts about Neauvia Organic:

  • All the Neauvia Organic products are 100% natural and they are gradually eliminated from the body.
  • All the Neauvia Organic products have been developed in such a way that they can be individually adjusted to every type of skin and age peculiarities.
  • The efficiency and safety of Neauvia Organic is guaranteed by the friendly Bacillus Subtilis hialuronic acid.
  • The highest concentration of hialuronic acid in Neauvia Organic fillers (24 – 28mg/ml) ensures immediate effect.
  • The three-dimensional structure of the filling substances of Neauvia Organic with PEG (polyethylene glycol) guarantees the long-term effect of the product and the natural look.
  • Neauvia Organic Stimulate – a unique hialuronic acid product combined with 1% of calcium microspheres in order to stimulate restoration of the collagen content in the skin in addition to the filling effect.
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