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Mesotherapy is microinjections in the skin at the depth of 0.5 to 15 mm by using allopathic (traditional), homeopathic and biologically active substances. When substances are introduced in the skin layer in this way they are much more effective than cosmetic products used for skin care.

Mesotherapy is used for preventing moisture loss in the skin, the skin dullness, the skin weakening, the loss of elasticity and tone, for minimising the consequences caused by excessive sunshine.

Applied products are selected individually taking into account each client’s skin peculiarities and the issue to be solved. Injections are performed by using very fine needles in all the facial areas. These injections are fully safe, do not cause any complications or side effects. Mesotherapy has numerous advantages: small amounts of products are injected directly in problem areas without impacting the whole body, results are effective and long-term, the method causes very little pain and it is administered outside the clinic, it can also be easily combined with other modern aesthetic medicine methods.

With the help of mesotherapy the skin is much better supplied with vitamins, amino acids, antioxidants, ferments and other biologically active substances promoting production of elastin and collagen, thus improving the skin from inside, making it fresh, improving the skin complexion and elasticity.

For the face rejuvenation individually combined meso-cocktails are most often used containing a set of substances improving the skin structure.

Mesotherapy is recommended for:

  • rejuvenation of the facial, neck, décolleté area skin;
  • improving the facial complexion;
  • formation of the facial oval;
  • fighting development of the double-chin;
  • reduction or prevention of the nose-lips area wrinkles and lines;
  • prevention and treatment of the skin ageing;
  • prevention of pigmentation.

The mesotherapy treatment includes skin cleansing, peeling, injection of the products and a calming mask.

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