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Doctor of Science - doctor, resident of dermatovenerology, specialist in aesthetic medicine Agnese Ruskule consultation. Agnese Ruskule graduated Faculty of Medicine of the University of Latvia in 2004 with a doctor's degree. In 2014 she received her PhD in Internal Medicine and Gastroenterology.In 2019 graduated University of Dresden in Germany with a master's degree ( in preventive medicine. Currently continuing her studies in dermatovenerology at the University of Latvia.

Advanced knowledge of aesthetic medicine in Lithuania, Estonia, Switzerland, Monaco, Germany, France, etc. Currently the official injection trainer of NEAUVIA and LUMINERA in the Baltic States. Performs face and body mesotherapy treatments, filler injections, botulinum toxin injections and other aesthetic beauty injections.

Ltd. " Agneses Ruskules Private Practice" is registered in the Register of Medical Institutions and its code is 0100-01632.

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