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ANTI-AGE prevention

Did you know that the level of estrogenes and testosterone starts decreasing, the bone density starts deteriorating, the stress resistance reduces and muscle fibres become weaker in relatively young people at the age of 30 years?

At the age of approximately 35 years the “dermopause” starts for many people, which means that the skin tone is lost due to slower production of collagen. 

At the age of 40 years most people feel that their heart and blood vessels functions become weaker, the acidity of gastric juice increases, formation of gallstones starts, filtration of toxins deteriorates. Attention and memory becomes weaker. 

At the age of 45 years the velocity of brain waves decreases, susceptibility to infections increases and the tone of the bladder decreases.

Upon their 50th birthday most people are forced to admit that their sexual appetite has weakened, and experts found deterioration of the lung flexibility and function.

Starting at the age of 60 years the mood fluctuations become more frequent, unjustified anxiety appears.

At the age of 70 years one disease is followed by another one and the end is close.

Does a person’s life have to follow this sad scenario?

Anti-ageing medicine experts are sure about the contrary. Anti-ageing medicine includes the use of any type of therapy allowing identification, prevention, treatment or even recovery of dysfunctions and diseases caused by the age, thus improving the life quality and extending a person’s life.

Today there are millions of people all around the world who have used anti-ageing medicine developments and who feel and look 10-30 years younger than people of the same age who do not use anti-ageing products.

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